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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tips of the Trade

Mary Seaton

Favorite accessory: Coral glass dish.

Favorite color of the week: Coral

Tip of the week: Use taupe's and neutral colors for your back splash. Then add pops of color for visual interest and depth.

Collette Seaton

Favorite accessory: Flowers.
Favorite color of the week: Purple.
Tip of the week: Fresh flowers bring life and a different perspective to a room.
Kimiko Kimura-Cuellar
Favorite accessory of the week: Sea-foam pumpkin.
Favorite color of the week: White.
Tip of the week: De-clutter! Removing unnecessary items from your room will give it a fresh and welcoming feel.
Danielle Flores
Favorite accessory of the week: Turquoise beaded vase.
Favorite color of the week: Turquoise.
Tip of the week: Placing candles around your room can bring a romantic and cozy feel to your space.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall into Fall

Fall into Fall with a new custom sofa. Come visit our showroom and checkout the wide variety of sofa styles with all matching components available. The Sofa Outlet offers the ability to use your creativity with thousands of fabric choices and custom options. Today is the day your dreams can become a reality, bringing your imagination to life.