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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


We're so excited to announce our second Sofa Outlet Floor Sample Sale! Our last one was so much fun, and it was great to meet more of our local customers! 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 19th from 11am to 6pm! Our showroom is located at 
25 W. 43rd Ave. San Mateo, Ca. 94403.
We'll have designer rugs, lighting, artwork, and accessories! Bring bags / boxes and packaging materials. All items are carry out only! No backpacks or strollers.

  • All sales are final.
  • Large items can be picked up day of or on the following Saturday from 11am - 12pm.
  • Credit or debit only.
  • Items marke d with a red sticker are damaged / defective.
  • Items priced as marked.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Top 10 Fabrics for the Cleanable Family

Top 10 Fabrics for the
Cleanable Family

When selecting a fabric for your home there are so many things to think about. Is it a high traffic room? Do you plan on eating in the space? Is this your central gathering space? Do you have children or pets? The list goes on and on. For any family these questions are a great jumping off point. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to fabric clean-ability.
Start by looking for a fabric with a cleanable synthetic fiber that is spot cleanable, non absorbent, tight woven; and has a high rub count.  Our go to and most popular fabric fiber selection is polyester. Polyester is an inherently cleanable fabric with all of these qualities. It stands up to families’ everyday living with ease.
If you need a step up in clean-ability you can always look for indoor/outdoor fabrics. These fabrics are at a higher price point, but go the extra mile. Some of these fabrics are so cleanable liquids simply bead off.
Look for fabrics with variation, highs and lows, or a slight pattern. This adds visual interest which also helps with hiding surface dirt and dander.
Finally, there is color selection. Choosing the right color for your home and family is very important. You want to find a fabric that compliments your wall color, accent furniture, and d├ęcor. Keep in mind that the lighter the fabric the easier it is to see surface dirt and dander.

Check out our Top 10 fabric selections for your cleanable family!